A Prelude To Womanhood

Cheenee Turns 19
10 04 13

Since Keso‘s website is still under construction, we opted to post this set on my personal blog because for one, Facebook ruins the quality, and I like how scrolling through the photos gradually reveal the succeeding ones. (Arte haha.)

The day we shot was the day Cookie, Cheenee’s younger sister, was also in a photo shoot inside their house for her 16th birthday the day after. So Cheenee and I opted to have our very own outside. And it was a good thing we did. 😉

I entitled this particular set “A Prelude To Womandhood” because aside from the fact that Cheenee just turned 19 a couple of weeks back, starting November will be her first semester in college–coming from a homeschool curriculum for, if not her whole life, the past yeeaaars.

God bless you in this coming season of your life, Cheens! We know you’ll nail it. 🙂

IMG_3350_KIMG_3380_KIMG_3347_KIMG_3213_KIMG_3006_KIMG_3007_KIMG_3019_KIMG_3378_KIMG_3121_KIMG_3123_KIMG_3021_KIMG_3214+15_KIMG_3335_KIMG_3338_KIMG_2978_KIMG_3005_KIMG_3135+37_KIMG_3406_KIMG_3130_KIMG_3131_KIMG_3412+13_KIMG_3017_KIMG_3189_K IMG_3190_KIMG_3280_K

Hair and makeup was beautifully done by Cristina Ojeda-Cacnio. Thank you for this second collab, Ate Oj! 🙂

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Cheesiest Post Ever!!!

Hi guys! It’s really been quite a while since the last time I updated this blog. As you all know from my previous post last June, my two college friends (Joce and MJ) and I put up a graphic design business with the help of Joce’s uncle.

Keso Girls

To give you a little background, Joce, MJ, and I, along with other college friends, have been really wanting to put up this kind of team even before we were able to wear our togas. We then all used to be part of a production team in college and despite all the hassle tassels, we had fun working with each other. But as time flies, other friends had other plans for their own careers and priorities. MJ and I, too, even worked for more than a year at a post production house in Makati. But the desire to work for and on our own still manifested. That’s when Keso Design Collective happened last June.

As an update, we’re starting to get inquiries about our team, and we’ve been working on a couple of projects. I, personally, am so blessed that God put us in this season to just really establish ourselves in the field/industry that we chose, utilizing the talents and gifts He blessed us with. ❤

Now, let me tell you more about us.

Keso Logos-05

Keso Design Collective is a Manila based creative team that offers a wide range of graphic design services such as branding, illustration and infographics, packaging and merchandising design–even photography and set design.

Keso, in our simplest words, can be described as a combination of being playful, creative, flavorsome (we love food!!!), and well, cheesy. We love what we do, we have fun doing it, and we aim to be constantly better at it.

Keso Cover Photo_K

Please do check our Facebook page for more details. Our official website should be up anytime soon. Will definitely keep you guys posted. 🙂

We’re so much looking forward to collaborating with you! 🙂

P.S. Thank you for taking time to read and most especially, for putting up with me and my #shamelessplugging :))


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Jemimah Dumawal CV 2013

EDIT (01 07 14):

Hey, guys! This is Jem version 2014, and I have recently updated my portfolio as we start the new year and deleted the old ones kasi nakakahiya ang nene ng works years ago heehee.

Here’s the link:


Thank you guys for your support! 🙂


Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last post, and I kind of feel bad because even though I’m already freelancing (if there’s such term), I still don’t find time to update this every now and then.

Actually, the past few days have been really preoccupied. Aside from the fact that I’m working on a few projects with my brother, my closest friends from college and I are finally putting up the business we’ve been planning for years now!!! Thank you, Tito Val! And thank You, Lord. 🙂

Because of that, we were obliged to update our resumes, and somehow assess where we are in the industry we’re entering. Here’s my updated CV, linked on this image below:

Jemimah Dumawal Intro 2013Hope you guys liked it! Hire me! US! Excited to blog next about our upcoming cheesy business. ‘Til then, fellas! 🙂

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Baby In Pink

Melvin + Maan + Baby
Tahanan Village Park
04 13 13


Remember Ira from my previous photo blog? Weeks after our fun photo shoot, she invited me to do a collab with her on a baby bump shoot. Exciting! Only, the set is quite different. I wasn’t the photographer of the shoot but the set designer! It was my first production design project outside ICC (which was more than a year ago already), and it’s been nothing but fun.

I was a bit saddened, though, by the fact that I was not able to pour out my 100% time and effort in preparing the props I needed. It was not only because it had a surprise schedule (found out it was pushing through in less than a week haha), but also I was still working regularly in a post house and I only got to go out just minutes before the malls were about to close. Hence, less time to buy (and think of) stuff to buy for the said shoot.


The shoot was cut into segments. First, the portraits and playground part; second, the picnic part where all the props come in; and then third, the balloons x banderitas part.

Since I was there not to be a photographer but manager of props and the set itself, here are just some photos from the set up.


It’s a shame some details of the photo were completely overexposed. We shot around lunch time! Imagine the heat! So here are some close up shots to avoid the whites.

IMG_3204_JDIMG_3205_JDIMG_3210_JDIMG_3214_JDThe yarn spaghetti was my favorite! It was kind of impromptu because I was frustrated I wasn’t able to bring cute-sy edible food! But I’m glad everyone liked it.

IMG_3215_JDIMG_3217_JDHere, moreover, are some sneaky shots of the couple. Looking forward to Ira’s whole set!

IMG_3272_JDIMG_3334_JDIMG_3238_JDIMG_3358_JDIt’s so cute whenever Maan would laugh. Sobrang sarap at nakakahawa! It was nice meeting the couple, along with Alex Roces (HMUA and stylist during the shoot)–both girls were Ira’s former workmates.

‘Til next time! 🙂

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me think about, bring, and pull these all off! Mother, Joce Ramos, and Ira herself. Wouldn’t have possibly made it without choo guys. (Sorry the credits may seem OA, but seriously, I was in a very low phase of my life in all aspects HAHA while preparing for this; and like I said, I lacked almost everything. Thank you everyone!!!)

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After Six Years

Ira On Foot
Multinational Village
02 16 13

Last year, a good friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen since our high school graduation, was inviting me to do a photography collaboration with her. I guess we were both busy back then with our own “real-world” lives so it never really pushed through until February this year.

When we were just planning about everything, she was asking if I know someone who can be our model. I couldn’t think of anybody, as usual. Only because I really don’t have connections. And then it hit me, “Why don’t you pose for me instead?”

And the rest is wonderful history. It was worth not seeing you for six years, Ira! (Trivia: I actually call her Monai from Monica Ira but that would be too high school to use. Hahaha. My nickname back then was Jemai by the way. Lol.)


Pretty as always! Thank you! And I’m looking forward to our real collaboration real soon (as in three days from now).

Visit Ira’s photo blogs at: http://iratravels.tumblr.com/ & http://photosbyira.blogspot.com/ and watch out for our collabs! :3

P.S. Thanks again to a wonderful friend who’s always there to let me borrow his lens. Man, those 24-70mm are damn heavyyy. Thank you, Lee!

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Kalila Going 18

Kalila Going 18
Pacolor’s Residence
01 27 13

Although technically, she’s been legal since February 6. And I’ve never been this preoccupied at work so this is actually a late post.

Happiest 18th,  Doturr! Madurr loves you!


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Like A Boss

Ms. A
Starbucks, Rockwell
12 21 12

IMG_1261+_JD‘Cause she is. 😛

Friday before Christmas, we were supposed to do an outdoor photo shoot for Paula, her daughter, for her 18th birthday, but because of life’s busy-ness, we ran out of time and ended up just taking Starbucks Rockwell for a location.


And since indoor and night photography are obviously not my forte, Kuya Ivan did all the legit shooting, and I did all the drinking and eating and waiting. Haha, sorry. But my camera felt bored and decided to do a photo op with my drinking and eating and waiting mate–my boss.

IMG_1252+95_JDIMG_1250_JDIsn’t she lovely? (OKAY, salary increase hahaha)

IMG_1263_JDIMG_1294_JDIMG_1266+70_JDJust some random trivia: When you’re eating out with her, it’s always best to hide her phones (yes, plural) and tablet because the calls and SMS and emails are nonstop, they make her forget that she’s eating! Then she’ll lose her appetite and will just give you her food (I wouldn’t call it leftover because she just gets a pinch/slice; it’s always like a newly-ordered meal). Which totally explains my massive weight gain. Sigh.


This is how she looks like pag sumasakit ulo niya sakin. Or kahit kanino. Pero smile pa rin.


And have you guys noticed how kikay she is? 😛


For the finale…I am so gonna get fired for posting this HAHAHA.


No regrets though, just love HAHAHappy New Year, Ms! May pampalit ka na ng profile pic. 😛

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